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Always on top of your future tax payables and earnings.

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No receipt hassle. Forget the clean-your-admin sundays.

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Integrated invoicing that connects to your bank account.

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Personal day-to-day tax advice, based on your exact needs.

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Access to all individual accounting records of your clients, including documents and proofs.

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Access to consolidated accounting files of your clients (reserved to supported software).

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Always on top of your next VAT, social contribution and tax payments.

Anticipate how much you will need to pay

Know how much money is available for you to spend or invest at any point in time

Prepare VAT and tax statements and automate payments (available soon)

Never lose or miss a receipt.
Ever. Again.

Scan your receipts - we extract the amount, date and applicable VAT

Connect automatically to your bank transactions and make sure you do not miss a single receipt

Your receipts are directly available for you or your accountant. Everyone saves time.

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Your invoices, directly integrated.

Build beautiful invoices that your clients will want to pay instantly, or

Scan any invoice or connect to your already existing invoicing solution

Be notified when every time an invoice gets paid

Flag overdue invoices and send instant reminders to your client

Real-time tax recommendations. No more end of year rush to book professional expenses.

Optimise your taxes by knowing how much to spend in which categories

Compare to other professionals with similar activities and revenue

Meet a real-life chartered accoutant and tax advisor to get the extra advice

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Your banker,
& tax advisor
on your smartphone

The financial assistant
of self-employed workers